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What are the nationalities of the educational staff ?

We have multinational teachers based on competencies and expertise from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan and India

What kind of curriculum in the school ?

The American Curriculum

What are the admission ages for the initial grades ?

3 Years

What are the nationalities of students predominant in the school ?

 Foreigner Students

Is there confusion between the classes of girls and boys ?

There is a confusion between the boys' building and girls from the first grade

How many students are in the class ?

 from 16 to 18 student 

Is there a discount for the brothers ?

There is a discount of 500 RAS

Is the payment system available in installments ?

Yes, there is payment in installments determined by the administration

What is the STEM system ?

STEM, in full science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, field and curriculum centred on education in the disciplines of sciencetechnologyengineering, and mathematics


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